UH Paramedic Program

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At UH Paramedic Programs, we believe that Paramedics are a vital link in the delivery of Health Care, principally in the area of Emergency Medical Services, by reducing mortality and morbidity caused by trauma or the sudden onset of an acute medical emergency. The central goal of our training program is to improve health care for the community with the emphasis on the basic and advanced life support techniques rendered by knowledgeable, caring, and comprehensive Paramedics during the pre-hospital phase of emergency care.

We believe that Paramedics should function within prescribed areas of responsibility using their acquired and inherent knowledge, skills, and decision making abilities. In part, this is achieved by correlating a number of learned skills with appropriate scientific knowledge. Thus, in our program, the emphasis in both didactic and clinical teaching is the foundation for accurate patient assessment. Sound clinical judgment will result from these assessments and will assist with interventions and therapies.

We believe that as public awareness of the Paramedic and their functions increase, the available career opportunities will also increase in allied areas of patient care and public education. For the Paramedic to be effective as a health care provider and as a teacher, he/she must be community oriented, politically informed, civically active, socially conscious, professionally active, and professionally competent. Our training program will help the student to recognize the various roles of the Paramedic and will assist him/her to develop his/her abilities to the fullest.

It is our aim to provide an organized program of instruction that will result in graduating Paramedics that represent their community, UH Paramedic Programs, The UH EMS Training Institute, the instructional staff, and most importantly themselves.  We will strive for the highest level of achievement possible, which will result in improved health care for the region. 

Select from one of the UH EMS Institute paramedic programs using the links below.

UH Regional Hospitals Conneaut Paramedic Program

UH Conneaut Medical Center
158 west Main Road,
Conneaut, Ohio 44030 

UH Regional Hospitals Geauga and Portage Satellite Program

UH Geauga Paramedic Program

UH Educational Pavilion
Woodiebrook Plaza
602 South St. C-4
Chardon, Ohio

UH Portage Paramedic Program

UH Portage Medical Center
6847 N Chestnut St.
Ravenna, OH 44266

UH Regional Hospitals Parma Paramedic Program

Health Education Center
7300 State Road
Parma, Ohio 44134