Flight Medical Provider Course

The institute will be offering an in-person Flight Medical Provider course in June.  This course will be held at Woodiebrook from June 24th through June 27th.  Times for the class are 0800 – 1700 each day.  The class is limited to 30 people. The cost is $400 each participant.
This course prepares students to pass the Flight Paramedic Certification (FP-C®), Critical Care Paramedic Certification (CCP-C®) or the Certified Flight Registered Nurse (CFRN®) exams and thrive in either a critical care ground or an air medical career. The course will also provide students who may be looking to gain a better understanding of critical care and emergency medicine while satisfying their State or National CEH refresher requirements.
Topics covered include:
Advanced airway principles
Ventilator management
Critical care cardiology and hemodynamic monitoring
High risk obstetrical emergencies
Neonatal emergencies
Pediatric emergencies
Neurological emergencies
Medical emergencies
Bun Management
Laboratory studies
Environmental and toxicological emergencies
Safety, ground operations, and CAMTS
Flight physiology
The four day course offers 45 hours of in-person continuing education credits, with another 32 hours of con-ed available on-line, on demand.

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