New EMS Institute Website Launched

Director Dan Ellenberger
The goal and mission for the EMS Institute team is to improve our service to each of you as agencies and as individual providers. Today marks a big step in service improvement to better support communication efforts.
This morning we proudly and excitedly unveil the long-awaited and brand-new website for protocols, education, professional references, and public information. Our team researched other like platforms, gathered survey results as well as one-on-one feedback and read through specific staff comments in order to build this online home for the EMS institute. 
Please look, click and enjoy our new website here.
We urge you to register for our regular email blasts, or feel free to email us to let us know your thoughts. Thanks for all that you do every day.
We continue to be here to serve you!
Dan Ellenberger, Director, UH EMS Institute

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