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Great questions and interaction with the live audience during this live recap of Ketamine. Dr. Don Spaner, Scott Wildenheim, Ray Pace, and Caleb Feronni chatted and took questions about Ketamine, Epinephrine, TXA and more!
Continuing the drug box discussion, the crew discussed the clinical math, preparation, and dosages of various drugs including Zofran, Epi, and Dilaudid. This is a great episode to watch on our YouTube channel. Med UPDATES: The new ADULT dosing is to mix 2 grams (2000 mg) in 100 ml of D5 and administer that dose over 10 minutes and Push Dose Epi can be given up to 50 mcg per dose prn.
A practical review of Ketamine. What’s in the protocol? Can we use it on patients that have serious medical or traumatic emergencies but also have excited emotional issues? The crew explains their practical knowledge of prepping Ketamine in the field.
Ketamine has received some “bad press”. Is it as volatile as it’s current reputation in the ED and the field? Why is it getting so much attention, how do we calm the discussion, and feel more comfortable with it's use?
This episode is the recap of our CPAP discussion. It's a practical discussion regarding the use of CPAP according to the UHEMS protocols. Thank you to all who participated as part of the live, virtual audience.
Using CPAP, what is the biggest risk? The risks are situationally dependent. What about usage with patients experiencing hypotension? The use of CPAP can be helpful to the patient's longterm care given that fact that there will be less complications from more extensive therapy such as intubation.
Using CPAP contraindications, running lights and sirens from a scene vs taking care of a patient in the appropriate manner. It's an EMT-level skill that can make a huge difference in the patient's longterm care.
How do we make people not afraid of the cpap machine? CPAP is easy to use and a great patient therapy. This episode is intended to help all feel more comfortable with its use.